“Christine is amazing. And much more than a facialist – she’s an expert in skin care who heals you inside and out. I leave our sessions feeling enriched and uplifted, and with beautiful, glowing skin.”

Angela Bliss – Head of Customer Experience

“When I first met Christine, my skin and my spirit were in a pretty fragile place. I had been diagnosed with rosacea after the birth of my second child. After my diagnosis from a dermatologist I was given numerous courses of antibiotics that destroyed my digestion, creams that irritated my skin and finally laser that damaged the barrier of my skin and left marks and incredible sensitivity.

I had deliberated many times in visiting a beauty clinic but every time I worked up the courage, all they wanted to do was peel the rest of my skin off. I was so tired of interacting with aestheticians who thought they were dermatologists.

When I met Christine, from the moment she started to speak, I knew I had found the right person for me. She wanted to know everything there was about me, my diet, my health, my skin care routine, any particular life events that may be causing undue stress. Her wholistic approach took me by surprise and I found myself confiding in her personal events that I had only spoke of to my very close friends.

Christine reassured me she would be very gentle and baby steps were what was needed. That was 8 months ago. My skin has improved 100% since that first meeting, not to mention my self esteem. I actually went out make up free for the first time in 25 years the other day. I won’t pretend I felt totally confidant but I did feel comfortable in the skin I was in. Which is a big step for me, acceptance of who I am and where I am at.

Christine is more than a facialist; she is a confidant, a healer, a nurturer, an educator, a truly genuine soul. She has taught me that when I start to genuinely care for myself from the inside the outside will start to reflect this. Her patience, knowledge and understanding of skin and the human spirit are extensive. My wish is for everyone to experience Christine’s healing hands. My life is so much the richer for it.”

Anne Gollan – Creative dance teacher


“What an absolute joy it was to make your acquaintance yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your oh so pretty salon. The Palais Royal Facial was truly the most fabulous experience for my skin and also my soul. Thank you. It was just what I needed. You are I think some kind of gifted angel Heaven sent. My daughter Lucy said when she saw me afterwards that my skin looked 5 years younger.”

Lena Hall – Electoral Commission Senior Manager


“I saw the lovely Christine for a few months leading up to my wedding. She treated my sensitive skin with gentle, natural products and set me up with a skincare routine… I quickly learnt I had been doing it all wrong!  Christine’s facials are wonderfully relaxing and nurturing, it really makes a difference to have a facial with such a calming and knowledgeable practitioner. I knew my skin would be in safe hands for my big day. Thank you so much Christine.”

Sarah O’Keefe – Senior Graphic Designer


“Christine is that rarity; an embodiment of both passion and professionalism. Her incredible depth of knowledge and natural warmth create an amazing, therapeutic experience. Christine, unlike many facialists I’ve been to previously, cares about your overall health and sense of wellbeing. I used to change between salons freely, but now Christine has my loyalty and I recommend her highly.”

Amanda Saunders Journalist


“I first came to Christine in 2012 via a friend’s referral and have never looked back. I have had numerous facials and other treatments prior, but Christine is like no other, you can not compare!

Christine’s approach is warm, kind and professional and ensures you feel comfortable the minute you walk in the door. She will ensure you have the right treatment tailored to your needs. The ambience created in her salon is beautiful, welcoming and relaxing and you will come out feeling nurtured, relaxed and glowing.

Christine is not only passionate about her profession but her knowledge demonstrates she goes to extra ordinary efforts to ensure she is up to date with the latest findings and products to provide a holistic approach to skin care.

The holistic approach Christine takes is not just external care of skin, incorporating all aspects of your life – diet, lifestyle, etc.. Christine ensures she passes on knowledge, tips and tools to her clients to allow for practical skin care at home.

I feel very lucky to have found my life long holistic ‘skin coach’. You could never put a price on the personal reward you will receive from your treatment experiences with Christine – no amount of money can buy it!”

Kelly Smith, Senior executive – financial services


“A friend walked towards me in a theatre foyer ‘ glowing’! I commented and she very generously told me the secret. It had been whispered to her by her daughter-in-law. The French Facialist!

I have been fortunate to have been advised and cossetted by Christine Clais ever since and my skin is extremely grateful.”

Victoria Rowell – Artist


“I covered Christine’s salon on a Coxy’s Big Break episode and the mini facial I received (even though it was filmed) prompted me to come back that same week. It was bliss for a whole hour-and-a-half. Christine herself is such a beautiful person and makes you feel completely at ease. She is very thorough, her massage is amazing and the French products she uses are superb. While she puts no pressure on you to purchase tons of products, she explains what condition your skin is in and her recommendations. I have seen a great change in my skin tone and condition. All-in-all, it is evident that Christine has had many years’ experience and understands different skin types. The whole experience can only be described as pure bliss and I highly recommend her services.”

Scherri-Lee Biggs – Former Miss Universe Australia and TV presenter


“When I came to see Christine earlier this year, I was very unhappy with my skin. I had consulted numerous dermatologists who put me on prescription creams and medications, most of which worked for short periods of time before my skin returned to “normal”. 

From the first consultation, I could see that  Christine was passionate about skincare and getting results for her clients.  Her warm personality immediately made me feel at ease, as she asked me about my skin concerns.

The facial itself was outstanding. It was exactly what you would expect from a top day spa. I immediately wanted to come back for another facial because of the experience but didn’t anticipate the amazing results that I would see even after the first consultation.

Now, I regularly see Christine – I continue to see improvements in the quality of my skin and look forward to a relaxing spa treatment every few weeks! It is the combination of excellent results and a day spa feel that makes The French Facialist so unique.”

Natasha Bakshi – Lawyer


“I started seeing Christine about four years ago to treat rosacea on my nose and I have never looked back. I always leave feeling so relaxed. I have found that having regular facials and using specific skin products tailored to me has made a big difference to how my skin looks and feels.”

Louise Heavey – Speech therapist


“I knew Christine was highly experienced but what drew me to her was her philosophy of looking at skincare holistically from the inside out. I booked in for a 90 minute facial and it was a gentle flow of cleansing, massage and LED light therapy that left me feeling refreshed and glowing at the end of my treatment. Christine was honest and straight to the point in giving me advise and yes I am following her word until my next treatment.”

Yeojin Bae – Fashion designer


“Hi Christine. Today when I popped in to see my parents, my mum said, “I think that new foundation you’re using makes your skin look so much better.” The funny thing was, I wasn’t wearing any make-up! I explained that I have been using your products. She was very impressed.”

Karen Strahan – PR consultant


“To my face’s best friend, ‘Hola Christine!’ I’m writing this postcard in Machu Picchu. It is such an awesome place! My knees hurt, my face needs pampering … missing home and your special treatment.”

Mely Tjandra – CPA and academic


“Hi Christine, I have had so many customers at work today ask me how I got my skin to look so radiant as they had ‘never seen such glowing skin from the inside’ … of course, you are the saviour! Thank you so much. Your hands are like soft and delicate papillons that dance across the face and work wondrous magic on my skin!”

Alexia Petsinis – Fashion illustrator and blogger


“For nearly a decade, Christine has cared for my skin, my body and my mind. Her holistic approach to what she does means that I always leave her salon feeling nurtured and revitalised. Having traveled extensively and visited many salons, spas and health retreats around the world, I have truly never found a therapist who can equal Christine’s skill and knowledge or the care and attention she puts into everything she does. Christine’s dedication and professionalism to her craft is unparalleled.”

Lisa Panther – CEO


“I had been looking for a facialist that could understand my skin, my lifestyle and my deep interest in scientific evidence based products. Christine was recommended to me and I was delighted to find that she met all of these requirements. Christine diagnosed my skin and helped me to adjust my skin regime to remove the impact of harsh products.

She also listens to me when I seek alternative products or ingredients and she will find a product that addresses my skin care needs. Christine treats my skin as a changing entity, which means that she recommends products and routines to match my lifestyle, changes in climate, travel and health.I look forward to my treatments with Christine, she pampers me as she works little miracles on my skin. I can not recommend her highly enough.”

Repa Patel – Executive coach


“If you are looking for a special experience when having a facial I can highly recommend Christine Clais. Not only is she well qualified in her field, but interested in understanding all the latest innovations as they develop.

Her studio is very calm and welcoming which ensures ultimate relaxation. But it is the magic in her hands with her compassionate manner that transforms and rejuvenates your skin, using beautiful, nourishing creams. I found a lot of other clinics used more invasive treatments that did not suit my skin, but Christine knows what to use for different skin types and her facials always leave my skin calm, glowing and noticeably younger. 

One of the key differences with Christine is that she takes the time to get to know you and get a holistic view of what is happening in your life; after all, your skin is a reflection of what is going on for you and I have found this to be a wonderful boost. People often compliment me on my skin or how I am looking. Well worth a visit – or two or three!”

Arlene Burrows Retired


“Dearest Christine,Thank you so much for all the hard work and preparation you put into my skin and of course, the  fabulous products you recommended. 
It all helped me to feel very special. Speaking as someone  with very sensitive skin, I could not have achieved the same result without your expertise and guidance. 
Above all, I would like to thank you for your friendship and support.  You are so much more than a facialist. Much love, Mrs BXX”

Karen Bismann, Senior Manager in Finance


“My skin has always been sensitive, but in my 30s it was getting worse and worse. When I first met Christine my skin was so red and irritated I had to take showers at night because if I took them in the morning it wouldn’t calm down. After I had a shower my skin became red and swollen. It was so bad I often went straight to bed after a shower because I didn’t want my husband to see how I looked. It was a really, really terrible feeling. I didn’t know what to do and was concerned because I felt really self conscious, but also felt like I was ageing terribly. 

A friend of mine suggested I go to Christine and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I never imagined my skin could be so good. I noticed a difference after my first treatment. Christine thought it would take my skin at least 6 months to recover, but under her care it happened much faster. I also noticed that with her product recommendations some of my laugh lines have disappeared! 

Christine’s treatments are not only incredibly effective, but she has a certain magic about her. She creates an environment full of love and care. Seeing her is so much more than a facial. I can’t recommend her highly enough. “

Amanda Richmond – University Support Staff